godzilla vs mechagodzilla

Godzilla Mondo 5

Godzilla Poster Drop 3 From Mondo is on Thursday

Godzilla Poster drop number 3 happens Thursday from Mondo, featuring even more tributes to the King of All Monsters. Artists Matt Taylor, Phantom City Creative, Jason Edmiston, and another by Attack Peter will be available. Taylor covers Godzilla Vs Mechagodzilla, PCC does Ghidorah, the Three-Headed Monster, Edmiston pays homage to the on-fire version of Big […]

Godzilla 2002 Roars To Life From S.H. MonsterArts

Godzilla is getting yet another S.H. MonsterArts figure. This one is from 2002 and focuses on the version of the monster from Godzilla Against MechaGodzilla film from the same year. That was a fun film in the series, and featured a cool version of everyone's favorite kaiju. After the appearance of a new Gojira (Godzilla), […]