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Storm Collectibles Reveals BBTS Exclusive Golden Axe Axe Battle Set
It is crazy how popular and incredible the Golden Axe line of figures from Storm Collectibles has turned out, and fans can not get enough With fantastic detail, high articulation, and a great set of accessories, these figures bring the 2D world to life like never before Storm Collectibles has revealed that Big Bad Toy[...]
Comic Con Special Edition 2021 - Storm Collectibles Booth Exclusives
This will consist of: Event Exclusive Figures available in limited quantities for purchase include: Street Fighter IV – Evil Ryu; Mortal Kombat – Kung Lao; Golden Axe – Death Bringer; Golden Axe – Skeleton Soldiers 2-Pack Darkstalkers – Demitri Maximoff World First New Product Reveals and First Ever Displays in North America from titles including: Mortal Kombat; Street Fighter; Injustice; Tekken; Kengan Ashura Each of these figures Sold[...]
Golden Axe III Dead Frame Come To Life With Storm Collectibles
From the Golden Axe franchise comes a new set of figures that will give your hero a run for his money and yours The Dead Frame is back and loaded with undead detail and a great set of accessories Some of these accessories will include three pairs of hands, a dual blade scythe, and a[...]
Golden Axe Receives 2021 Event Exclusive Storm Collectibles Figures
This year is heavily dedicated to the widely popular SEGA side scroller game Golden Axe Storm Collectibles has slowly been bringing this legendary 2D game into this 3D world with a nice assortment of figures Gold Axe fans will not want to miss these exclusives as they are revealing another set of 2-Pack Skeletons as[...]
Golden Axe Death Adder Gets Boss Level Figure from Storm Collectibles
Coming from the classic video game, Golden Axe, comes to the deadly Death Adder This mighty antagonize is back once again and is ready to conquer the world with his brand new figure from Storm Collectibles Standing roughly 10 inches tall, the Golden Axe Death Adder is packed with high amounts of detail as he[...]
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Golden Axe is coming back not with a new game but with new collectibles that are ready to battle it out on your shelves This time the skeleton also known as the Skeleton Soldier wants your head The skeletons are most notorious for their pivotal role in the 16 bit side-scrolling Golden Axe game[...]