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Beethoven Google Doodle Is A Fun Free Game Today
This may be the best Google Doodle yet To celebrate the 245th birthday of Ludwig van Beethoven they have done up a game that involves arrange his music in the proper order And poor Beethoven is late for the concert, as he races out the door he steps in poo and a horse messes up[...]
Ty Templeton Shows Us Bob Kane's Batman… But What About Frank D. Fosters?
Over on his website Ty Templeton has chimed in on the get Bill Finger a Google Doodle campaign with a quick little cartoon illustrating what Batman would have been without Finger's involvement I'm sure Bob Kane would have come up with a few more things… but this is pretty funny. You can see the rest here. Rich adds: Of course there[...]
Help Get Bill Finger A Google Doodle For His 100th Birthday
Hill did it all." – Carmine Infantino (Artist and former DC Editor) Now a campaign to honor Bill Finger is underway, led by Nobleman and gaining some very big name support… the campaign is to get a Google Doodle for Bill Finger this year for what would have been his 100th Birthday, February 8th.   Fellow nerds, please[...]
Google's Amazing Little Nemo In Slumberland Google Doodle
I love it when a Google Doodle is comic-related, and this one is rather amazing — an animated Google Doodle honoring the 107th anniversary of Winsor McCay's Little Nemo in Slumberland  You should be able to see it if it's October 15 where you are. McCay's work in general and Little Nemo in specific has been[...]