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A Champion’s Story: The Life of Greg Louganis Coming from Clover Press
Clover Press has announced plans to publish A Champion's Story: The Life of Greg Louganis, a biographical graphic novel about famed Olympic champion diver and social & LGBTQ activist Greg Louganis The creative team is being finalized Louganis will be involved in all stages of the book's continued development and creation A Champion's Story is[...]
HOLEY MOLEY - "Porta Party" - This week on the "Holey Moley" course, a yoga instructor and a California businesswoman try to putt through smoke on The Distractor, and an ice cream entrepreneur and a professional wrestler hang loose on Buns & Wieners. Meanwhile, two self-identified cat-people try to stay dry on Water Hazard; and on Diving Range, a biotech student dives off against the sister of a former contestant; while Joey, the resident wishful putter, hopes his fourth time is a charm for guest judges Olympian Greg Louganis and actor Steve Guttenberg. Later, after mustering up Double Dutch courage and conquering Hole Number Two, two finalists will Frankenputt-off to earn a spot in the grand finale and the chance to putt for $250,000. "Holey Moley" airs THURSDAY, JULY 30 (8:00-9:00 p.m. EDT), on ABC. (ABC/Christopher Willard) HOLEY MOLEY
Now here a look at preview images for this week's episode "Porta Party." One thing that's starting to become crystal clear? It looks like Olympian Greg Louganis and actor Steve Guttenberg are looking to be permanent fixtures around the place, with this week being both guest judges' fourth go-round on the show Following the preview[...]