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I'm The Grim Reaper, Jumps From Webtoon To Viz Media Graphic Novels
Graveweaver's YA graphic novel series, I'm The Grim Reaper, based on the Webtoon comic book of the same name, has sold the first four books to Julia Patrick at VIZ Media I'm The Grim Reaper is the story of a girl named Scarlet who dies and makes a Faustian bargain to become a grim reaper[...]
Playmobil Take Along Haunted House 1
My favorite is the grim reaper, he has a little sinister edge to him that I dig I also like The Mummy with his goofy grin, Dracula and how fancy he looks I love them all I must track down the Wolf Man and Witch two-pack to complete the set soon. We love this thing[...]