Playmobil Take Along Haunted House is a Halloween Must-Have

Playmobil and monsters go together like PB&J, and one needs to look no further than their Take Along Haunted House. As a huge horror nut with a six year old, it can be difficult to find things sometimes that the family can enjoy around Halloween. For me, its all spooky, all the time. For the little one, not so much. She needs something with a bit of silliness to it. Enter Playmobil. They were nice enough to send this over for us to show you guys, so thanks to them and let's dive in!

Like all Playmobil playsets and such, there will be some construction and sticker application will occur. It adds to the fun for sure, but some of the stickers are small, so be careful not to lose them. One thing Playmobil needs to do is use sturdier boxes for their products. Every time I get something from them the box is destroyed, and they open easily so you have to worry about missing parts. So, do better guys and gals!

Once you get everything out and start assembling this thing though, you can't help but smile. There are so many little details on this thing, from the jars you can put on the shelf to the diagrams on the walls and inside the little book, you can tell they put a lot of effort not only into how this displays, but in its playability for kids. There are a lot of small pieces, so for the real little ones make sure you are paying attention while they play, but this is fun as an adult too! it was a ton of fun to move the figures around and play around with the display.

Speaking of figures, they are my favorite part of this set. Playmobil figures are some of my favorites, and they can make as many monsters as they want, I will buy them all. My favorite is the grim reaper, he has a little sinister edge to him that I dig. I also like The Mummy with his goofy grin, Dracula and how fancy he looks. I love them all. I must track down the Wolf Man and Witch two-pack to complete the set soon.

We love this thing. This will become a permanent display in our Halloween decorations as my daughter grows out of playing with it, and I cannot recommend it enough. If you would like to get one for yourself before Halloween, there is still time! Click here.

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