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EVE Online Has Broken Two Guinness World Records
Some kind words are owed to CCP Games and the team behind EVE Online as they have broken two Guinness World Records According to the devs and GWR themselves, the two world records broken last week were the Largest Multiplayer Video Game PvP Battle with 8,825 players, and the Most Concurrent Participants In A Multiplayer[...]
Auto Draft
And with that, Todd McFarlane has officially earned the Guinness World Records title for the longest-running creator-owned superhero comic book series for his creation of Spawn. "Any record that is based on longevity, is made on the backs of dozens of people As much as I am proud to be receiving this award, I gratefully accept[...]
Smashing The Comic Book World Records In Arizona
Well, that happened last year. And now the Guinness World Records folks signed off on it. Shawn Demumbrum , who organised the record break with Jesse James of Jesse James Comics  told me, A few days after Mark Millar set the records at Kapow! Comic Convention in London in April 2011, I had stopped Jesse James Comics for one[...]