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EVE Online Has Broken Two Guinness World Records

Some kind words are owed to CCP Games and the team behind EVE Online as they have broken two Guinness World Records. According to the devs and GWR themselves, the two world records broken last week were the Largest Multiplayer Video Game PvP Battle with 8,825 players, and the Most Concurrent Participants In A Multiplayer Video Game PvP Battle with 6,557 participants. It's one hell of an achievement that probably won't be duplicated for a while, as it took 14 hours between the two biggest factions in the game to make it happen. You can read some quotes from the announcement below about both records, as well as images from the fight being called "Fury at FWST-8" and a video.

Snapshot of two world records in progress, courtesy of CCP Games.
Snapshot of two world records in progress, courtesy of CCP Games.

"EVE Online is no stranger to massive in-game conflicts. Every time a big battle breaks out or our community comes together for a cause, it's always a sight to behold," said Hilmar V. Pétursson, CCP Games' CEO. "CCP may have created EVE Online, but it's our community who built the universe of New Eden. Their ingenuity created the impressive logistics networks, both in-game and in the real-world, to field such a high volume of ships in one battle. Our players deserve all the credit that made these record-breaking achievements possible. Their support and dedication are what makes EVE Online the game that it is today."

"The limitless potential of EVE Online provides once again an epic, record-smashing battle that's a test of both human and technological prowess. No game has the kind of passionate, invested, and empowered community that EVE Online enjoys, which is why it's still, nearly 20 years on, reigning supreme as the ultimate MMO space game. Congratulations to all those involved – even those off licking their wounds will agree it was a battle to be remembered for a very long time," said Craig Glenday, Editor-in-Chief for Guinness World Records.

"We've been sitting on the edges of our seats this entire war. The player-run factions in our game often rival those of real-world governments, with some even adding US politicians into their ranks, so we knew it was only a matter of time before something big happened," said Bergur FinnbogasonEVE Online's Creative Director. "It still blows my mind that EVE's players are able to break these records for massive player battles. Setting two world records for a single battle is humbling and just shows the amount of dedication EVE Online players have for our game."

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