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Overwatch Wrecking Ball Hammond pose
If you haven't had a chance to play as Wrecking Ball on the PTR, you might want to download the update and get in on this action as soon as possible, as players are foregoing normal matches and are playing a new player-created mode called Hammond Racing. The short version: both sides agree not to fight[...]
Overwatch's Hammond Gets An Intro Trailer and Developer Update
Below is Hammond's complete story, which the developers loaded up, along with the two videos about him and more updates coming to the game The character literally caught fire on social media, with people absolutely loving his design and also hating on it because it wasn't what they wanted You can't please everyone, but the[...]
Overwatch Hammond
Earlier this morning we told you about Blizzard's latest hero addition to Overwatch in the form of the hamster tank Hammond Apparently, the character got over so quickly online that they've already added him to the PTR servers for you to try him out. Below is the full story behind the character along with his abilities[...]