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Preview MoCCA Fest '15 Debut The Vagabonds #4 From Josh Neufeld
Rounding out our MoCCA Fest debuts tonight appearing this weekend in New York from Hang Dai Studios in Brooklyn, we have The Vagabonds #4 from Josh Neufeld featuring a genre-mix of journalistic, socially observant, and fictional elements. Hang Dai Editions, the publisher, describes The Vagabonds #4 thus: The Vagabonds #4 serves up a spicy blend of journalism,[...]
Dean Haspiel Waves His Wand At Wizard World
"If I want it crowdfunded, I'll do it myself, not have a publisher do it for me." He has his own book Psychotronic Comix which is a one-man anthology published by his studio imprint Hang Dai Editions, featuring: Tommy Rocket, The Red Hook, A-Okay Cool, and other real life stories that he was selling to[...]
Things To Look Forward To In 2015: Seth Kushner's Schmuck Is Coming To Print
Hang Dai Editions, the collective publication label of several members of Hang Dai Studios in Gowanus, Brooklyn, announced today that the successfully Kickstarted graphic novel anthology comprised of the semi-autobio writings of Seth Kushner and the work of 22 indie comics artists, Schmuck would be going beyond its Kickstarter goal by reaching print distribution in[...]
Josh Neufeld Joins Hang Dai Editions, Brings Comics Journalism The Vagabonds To MoCCA Fest
HANG DAI Editions, an independent publishing imprint of Brooklyn, NY featuring the work of Gregory Benton (B+F), Dean Haspiel (The Fox), and Seth Kushner (Schmuck), has announced a new fourth member to their roster: Josh Neufeld. Neufeld is the critically acclaimed creator of A.D.: New Orleans After the Deluge (Pantheon) In addition, he is the illustrator[...]
Getting A Feel For Comic Arts Brooklyn – Through Books And Pictures
I am not sure why there are psychedelically colored manga-like characters cut out to stand on the hall stage every year, but they do lend a surreal atmosphere to the event. Seth Kushner and Dean Haspiel with their brand-spanking-new banner for Hang Dai Editions, a self-published imprint with fellow studio mate Gregory Benton They debuted their[...]