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Meet The Jetsons In Palmiotti And Brito's Jetson's #1 Preview From DC Comics
DC has released a preview of The Jetsons #1, the reimagining of the classic Hanna Barbera cartoon that asks the age-old question: what if Rosie the robot maid had the consciousness of George Jetson's dying mother implanted into her robot body? "When I was asked to write a Jetsons mini-series, I went back and watched the[...]
Secret Squirrel
Apparently continuing the Hanna Barbera re-imaginings that have proven a hit for DC, DC Co-Publisher Dan Didio shared an image on Facebook that would seem to tease a brand new one to come: animated rodent super-spy Secret Squirrel. Because everyone loves rodent themed heroes in comics, these days. The art, depicting the character in his civilian identity[...]
In Memoriam of Louis Scarborough Jr.
I tend to write these articles far too often. Sadly this one was missed, but thanks to Tone Rodriguez for posting it on his facebook page. I'm not sure