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Hannah Blumenreich, Writer of IDW's Big Hero 6 – But Not For Long, If At All
Hannah Blumenreich is the Ignatz award winner for Outstanding Online Comic, Full Court Crush, about a girl helping the basketball player she likes with her homework She has also written and drawn for Regular Show from Boom, Spider-Gwen and Amazing Spider-Man from Marvel,  She is also the author of IDW's Big Hero 6 comic book,[...]
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Cheers, g — Gerry Duggan (@GerryDuggan) October 7, 2017 While Hannah Blumenreich, whose fantastic work on the fan webcomic Spidey Zine led to work on Amazing Spider-Man and Squirrel Girl, said it's only fan comics for her from here on out: https://twitter.com/hannahblmnrch/status/916374647343505408 https://twitter.com/hannahblmnrch/status/916380565133127680 https://twitter.com/hannahblmnrch/status/916382626780389376 Blumenreich hasn't updated her stance since the partnership was canceled. And then there's Eric Palicki, handsome indie comics star[...]