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Kindred's Own Sins Past In Amazing Spider-Man #73 (Spoilers)
Everything you knew was a lie! Everything you knew was wrong! Twists, turns, deep dives into Spider-Man history that necessitated a return to Marvel Unlimited! Welcome to Amazing Spider-Man #73! Amazing Spider-Man #73 Amazing Spider-Man writer Nick Spencer has been setting up Kindred as an ultimate foe for Spider-Man, the Harry Osborne who went to hell, and[...]
When Harry Met Kindred (Amazing Spider-Man #50.LR Spoilers)
And confirming the final-page reveal of Amazing Spider-Man #50, regarding just who Kindred really is. When Harry Met Norman (Amazing Spider-Man #50.LR Spoilers) It remained Bleeding Cool's contention that this is the pre-One More Day version of Harry Osborn, sent to hell when he died after becoming the Green Goblin (again), and that his resurrection for One[...]