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Tip Top Comics #36 (United Features Syndicate, 1939) featuring Tarzan cover by Paul Berdanier, and including Harvey Kurtzma's first published comics work.
Best remembered for his work for Mad and other EC Comics, Harvey Kurtzman is one of the most important comic book artists in American comics history.  His one-panel comic in Tip Top Comics #36, cover-dated April 1939, was his first published comic book work, marking the beginning of a career whose influence looms large over[...]
Cerebus In Hell Does Harvey Kurtzman And Apocalypse Now
But it's not just a 43-year reference in the frame, it's also Harvey Kurtzman's Two-Fisted Tales, an anthology war comic published by EC Comics from 1950 to 1955, so that's a 72-year-old reference, as well as Nickey Mouse in Steamboat Willie from 1928 No wonder Dave Sim is worried no one will get the references.   CIH[...]
Harvey Kurtzman christmas carol
Starting today on digital comics platform Comixology, you can purchase Harvey Kurtzman's Marley's Ghost, which is not, as the title implies, a graphic novel about a ghost named Marley belonging to deceased legendary comics creator Harvey Kurtzman, but rather a graphic novel called Marley's Ghost by Harvey Kurtzman, an adaptation of the Charles Dickens classic,[...]
New York Comic Con To Host Harvey Awards Ceremony Beginning in 2018
The Harvey Awards is one of the most prestigious events within the comic book industry and, on the heels of its 30th anniversary, it appears the ceremony will be taking-up new residence in iconic cartoonist Harvey Kurtzman's hometown. ReedPOP announced today that New York Comic Con (NYCC) will now stand as the new home for the[...]
Discussions With Scott Allie – Dark Horse's Comedic Triumph In Buffy Season 10, Axes Out In The Goon, Facing Time In Captain Midnight, Staying Scary In Aliens, Monster-Heroes In Criminal Macabre And More
Following on from a massive state-of-the-industry interview with Scott Allie, Editor-in-Chief at Dark Horse recently here at Bleeding Cool in which we talked about SDCC strategies, defining creator-owned as a term, and many upcoming books, Allie joins us again to talk about a whole new slate of upcoming titles, from Buffy Season 10 #7 where[...]
Dark Horse Brings 1959 Graphic Novel, Harvey Kurtzman's Jungle Book, Back Into Print
Harvey Kurtzman's Jungle Book: Or, Up from the Apes! (and Right Back Down)—In Which Are Described in Words and Pictures Businessmen, Private Eyes, Cowboys, and Other Heroes All Exhibiting the Progress of Man from the Darkness of the Cave into the Light of Civilization by Means of Television, Wide Screen Movies, the Stone Axe, and[...]
Al Feldstein, 28 Year Editor Of Mad Magazine, Passes Away
Feldstein assumed leadership of Mad in 1956 following in the footsteps of Harvey Kurtzman, and during his tenure mainstays of Mad's burgeoning popularity included Spy vs Spy, Snappy Answers to Stupid Questions, and many others Feldstein's sensibilities were responsible for shaping satire of the second half of the 20th century not only in comics, but[...]
Onomatopoeia Gone Mad
Its an old story that ran in Mad Magazine #20 by Harvey Kurtzman and Wally Wood Chris Samnee posted it on his blog and it seemed like a good thing to share. I think I can run this without the Dan Slott spoiler warnings… One of the fun things as[...]