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The series Haunted, from Netflix, is heading towards a premiere for its third season and finally, an official trailer was released that gives us a hint at what new stories await us Haunted started back in 2018 with its first season and became a big success with similar shows being developed afterward such as Haunted: Latin America[...]
The Streaming 5: Horror & Thriller Shows You May Have Missed
I have done the tough job of looking through some favorites of mine and ones I've recently discovered to get you a concise list of five shows for you to start binging on your streaming journey: Channel Zero: The Dream Door, Haunted, Ripper Street, Unbelievable, and Two Sentence Horror Stories. Promotional image for the fourth season[...]
Viewer Beware: Top 5 Goosebumps Episodes
Watching this one as a kid, I was thrilling at the possibility of such a weird place to find but also found myself filled with nightmarish uncertainty for the family's fate. Image still from the Goosebumps episode, "The Haunted Mask II" Source: IMDB Goosebumps' Special "The Haunted Mask II": Parts 1 & 2 A follow-up to the[...]