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 In the third episode of the 1992 series, Heart Of Ice, fans were introduced to an entirely reimagined version of the Batman villain who up to that point, was simply the guy with the ice gimmick who froze things  The show presented the tragic story of a brilliant scientist who was desperately trying to save his[...]
Batman: The Animated Series Rewind Review: S01E03 "Heart of Ice"
 Today we're taking a look at Heart of Ice. Image: Screencap Heart of Ice (Original Air Date: 9/7/1992) This was the third episode put on the air, but again there was some jumbling with the order the episode was produced versus the order in which it aired  Heart of Ice was actually the fourteenth episode produced but was moved[...]
The Next League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen Book Is River Of Ghosts, And Set In 1975
Roses Of Berlin isn't out yet, but the next League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen chapter by Alan Moore and Kevin O'Neill, River Of Ghosts, will complete the Nemo trilogy begun by Heart Of Ice. O'Neill told Diamond Previews, published today, that the new book will be set in 1975 in South America. That's the year Wonder Woman started[...]
Alan Moore's Jerusalem And New League For 2013
A new League book, Nemo – Heart Of Ice starring Pirate Jenny A From Hell Companion by Eddie Campbell. But it is likely that Jerusalem will be literary highlight of them all  You may start your anticipatory engines… now. It's his second novel It is reputed to be half a million words long[...]