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Heartbeat #4 [Preview]
When we last published a preview featuring work by superstar lettering AndWorld Design, we asked the important question: who names their kid AndWorld? Well, Bleeding Cool is proud to continue bringing you the comic book news that matters, because we have our answer: @judeterror my parents thought the "US And World News" section of the newspaper[...]
Maria Llovet's Heartbeat #3 [Preview]
Explosive publisher BOOM! Studios has released a first look at Heartbeat #3, the upcoming issue of the series by Maria Llovet about the allure of bad boys and ultra-rare first issue variant covers, dubbed "Faithless for Teens" by teen idol Rich Johnston The preview sees protagonist Eva lacking sympathy for a friend Check it out[...]
Retailers Selling Heartbeat #1 One-Per-Store at Over $85 a Week Before Publication
Recall when we alerted you to the fact that retailers were selling the one-per-store variant cover for Folklords #1 – Boom Studios' latest original hit series that's already gone to third printing ahead of its on-sale date last week – for $200? Well, the madness continues this week with Heartbeat #1, the sexy supernatural series[...]
Auto Draft
It also might be the book that kicked off the Boom and Image feud that I'm told very much continues to this day, as their Marvel vs DC rivalry results in some big hits for both companies. Though I'm sure Eric Stephenson would like to remind Ross Richie who just sold 83,000 copies of their big[...]
Heartbeat: Maria Llovet Launches New Horror Series at BOOM!
Cartoonist Maria Llovet's newest series is a five-issue BOOM! Studios comic called Heartbeat, the explosive publisher revealed in a press release Friday About a girl who becomes interested in a boy at school who likes to drink blood, the comic is set to release in November A press release contains more details: LOS ANGELES, CA (August[...]