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Unpopular Opinion: The Dark Knight Is Not Very Good Anymore
Christopher Nolan's second outing for Batman, the hype machine was in overdrive big time for the film, only doubling with the tragic death of Heath Ledger before it opened I bought out an entire row of the first showing for myself, my brother, and friends, we got there an hour early like almost everyone else[...]
Flashback Movies: The Patriot (2001)
The second thing, several minutes into the movie, was unlike The Royal Tenenbaums I didn't remember anything about The Patriot including that the cast including the dearly departed Heath Ledger The entire cast is putting their best foot forward here, but the movie is so over the top and melodramatic that scenes that might have rendered me emotional[...]
“Batman”: Aaron Eckhart Says Heath Ledger, Joaquin Phoenix Set Performance Bar
When it comes to inspiration for a new Batman actor, Eckhart evokes the performances of his TDK costar Heath Ledger and Joker's Joaquin Phoenix. Caption: JOAQUIN PHOENIX as Arthur Fleck in Warner Bros Pictures, Village Roadshow Pictures and BRON Creative's "JOKER," a Warner Bros Pictures release that definitely has an ending Honest. How Heath Ledger and Joaquin[...]
The Patriot
The Roland Emmerich directed film from 17 years ago stars Mel Gibson, Heath Ledger, Joely Richardson, Jason Isaacs, Chris Cooper, Rene Auberjonois, Adam Baldwin, Donal Logue and Tom Wilkinson… which is a pretty amazing cast when you think about it It tells the story of a peaceful farmer who is driven to lead the Colonial[...]
Heath Ledger's Joker In Script-To-Screen Video From Legendary Pictures
They previously did the cafe scene from Inception with Leonardo DiCaprio and Ellen Page, and now they are doing the Penthouse Party scene from the Dark Knight where Heath Ledger's Joker crashes the party and has an extremely intense scene with Maggie Gyllenhaal The intensity is ramped up by the story he's telling and the unsettling[...]
Jared Leto Joker Vs Heath Ledger Joker In Latest Minute Match Up
Ismahawk has released their new Minute Match Up video and this time it puts Jared Leto's take on the Joker from Suicide Squad up against Heath Ledger's Joker from The Dark Knight This is the same group that brought us Green Arrow vs Hawkeye and The Flash vs Quicksilver Personally, I think Jack Nicholson could've[...]
The Joker: Dark Knight Premium Format Figure From Sideshow Collectibles
Sulpted to look like the late Heath Ledger, whose portrayal of The Joker in the Dark Knight won him an Academy Award This piece runs $499.99 and features a tailored fabric purple suit, his trade mark playing card and an interchangeable left hand holding either a machine gun or detonator. "Some men just want to watch the[...]
Things To Do In Birmingham This Weekend If You Like The Joker
Unsurprisingly then, the two films are the Tim Burton's Batman and Jack Nicholson's Joker from 1989 followed with The Mirthful Murderer's most recent appearance in Chris Nolan's 2008 film, The Dark Knight, which bagged Heath Ledger a posthumous Oscar for his manic portrayal of arguably Batman's most infamous arch-enemy A great evening's entertainment on a[...]
Essential 8 Comic Book Movies – From Portland, With Kleenex And Ricola
Zwigoff directed his cast including Steve Buscemi and a teenaged Scarlett Johnansson with the balance of humor and drama and captured small town ennui and aimlessness brilliantly.   The Dark Knight It really says something about how amazing of a performance Heath Ledger gave as the Joker in Christopher Nolan's masterpiece The Dark Knight that he eclipses Jack[...]
Batman Vs. Superman: Golden Age Duality During the Great Depression
It's provided them with the budget necessary to hire actors the likes of Heath Ledger and Robert Downey Jr., but it also means that the films themselves exist under the constraints created by those who seek to ensure their success. That wasn't the case in 1938 The superhero genre was brand new and publishers were happy[...]
The Top Five Batman Villains Of All Time?
The most memorable depiction of the Joker, however, was delivered by Heath Ledger in Nolan's The Dark Knight Ledger introduced a mania and frenetic energy that was also tempered and authentically disturbing in a way that he had rarely been in the films You can watch both The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises[...]