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New Heathen #1 by Natasha Alterici in Vault's February 2022 Solicits
Back in September, Bleeding Cool noted that at the Diamond Retailer Summit held online this weekend, Vault Comics promised that there would be more to talk about Natasha Alterici's Heathen in 2022 Which means a) a new Heathen series to accompany the Omnibus, following the third series drawn by Ashley A Woods from 2020, but also possibly b) more news on the[...]
AfterShock Confirms Reverse Of Diamond Variant/Returnability Policy
It seems a bit on the nose to keep referring to Heathen as a "lesbian Viking comic" in headlines but the creator, Natasha Alterici, knows the curiosity it engenders and always does it herself So in for a penny… the lesbian Viking comic book Heathen, one of Vault Comics' first big hits in 2017, is[...]
A Love So Visible, Yet Unseen: Heathen Volume One
Heathen Volume 1 (by Natasha Alterici and Rachel Deering) is one of Vault Comics' breakout successes The team, now with artist Ashley A Woods, currently works on volume three, still through Vault Heathen stars Aydis, an outcast Viking, and her mission to bring down Odin Or is it? Alt cover to Heathen #1 by Jen Bartel I[...]
Vault Comics and Level 52 statue designers have collaborated on a limited edition statue based on the comic book Heathen by Natasha Alterici The series was  big hit for Vault nd helped establish the comic book publisher in the North American comic book industry It stars Aydis, a viking, a warrior, an outcast, and a[...]
Natasha Alterici's Lesbian Viking Comic Heathen Returns in June with New Artist
Heathen, the Vault comic book by Natasha Alterici is returning this June with a new artist, Ashley Woods, after a year and a half away The comic, which is also in development as a movie, sees queer protagonist Aydis on a quest to end the oppressive patriarchal reign of Odin alongside Valkyrie Brynhild and talking horse Saga[...]
X-Men Gold And Blue #1 Go To Second Print, Along With Heathen #2
It seems that removing certain references from the artwork has delayed that second printing by two weeks… I wonder how far it was along until it had to be scotched? And Heathen #2 by Natasha Alterci has gone to second print with this cover by Jen Bartel. X-Men Blue #1, out today, has gone to second print, and[...]
Exclusive Extended Preview Of That Lesbian Viking Comic, Heathen, And More
For the launch of Natasha Alterici's Heathen (as tweeted and headlined above), and Tim Daniel and Patricio Delpeche's Fissure. And it seems that Vault has just got Alterici's covers for the second and third issues of Heathen – which has given Bleeding Cool the chance to a) debut them and b) run exclusive extended previews of[...]