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Peter Capaldi finds himself Heaven Sent and needing shades on Doctor Who, courtesy of BBC Studios.
On Saturday, Doctor Who Magazine writer Emily Cook, the mastermind behind the rewatch events, tweeted that the next episode would be "Heaven Sent." Clearly, Cook doesn't like wasting any time Writer Steven Moffat and director Rachel Talalay will live-tweet along with actor Jami Reid-Quarell, who played The Veil The rewatch takes place on Tuesday, April[...]
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He writes to Bleeding Cool, regarding last night's episode Heaven Sent. Spoilers, obviously. Assuming a round figure of two and a half billion years of beak-sharpening, and assuming (a BIG assumption, to be sure) about three days per iteration of the Doctor, you can figure, based on a solar year of 365.25 days, that there have been approximately[...]
Ten Thoughts About Doctor Who – Heaven Sent
Heaven Sent If you haven't, wait till it plays in your territory and come back Because we start at the end Now, where were we? Oh yes… 1 The Bird And The Mountain The Story Of Mankind was written and illustrated by Hendrik Willem van Loon and published in 1921 It was the first book to be awarded[...]