How Mike Costa Made Me The Man I Am – Jai Nitz On Hellina

He asked me to revive the old property, Hellina He challenged me to come up with a new take that could be the springboard for an ongoing series, but deliver a solid complete story in the first three issues I took a crack at a few pitches and approaches One bit I wrote stuck out[...]

Boundless Plug of the Week: WAR GODDESS #12 – It All Ends Here

The epic final issue of Mike Wolfer's War Goddess! It’s a desperate, all-out showdown on the streets of San Francisco between the War Goddess Pandora and the blood-thirsty villainess from the dark matter dimension!Abandoned by the spider-like Widow, the fate of the city- and possibly the world- lies in the hands of the Girl Of[...]

Boundless Plug of the Week – WAR GODDESS #11

Get ready for War Goddess #11, written by Mike Wolfer (Lady Death, Stitched)! San Francisco is under attack, but there was no way that the mobilized forces of the US Army could have been prepared for the unstoppable threat opposing them on the streets of Chinatown. Not only is the dark matter villainess impervious to all firepower directed […]