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Thor's Comic Review Column – Spider-Gwen #1, Henchmen #2, D4VE #1, Men Of Wrath #5
This Week's Reviews: Spider-Gwen #1 Henchmen: I, Henchbot #2 D4VE #1 Men of Wrath #5 Spider-Gwen #1 (Marvel, $3.99) By Graig Kent "That's ridiculous." That's what I first thought when I spied the name "Spider-Gwen" Judging it on name alone it seemed ludicrous, positively dumb. Once I read the concept, though, it seemed less so An alternate universe where the radioactive spider bites[...]
I, Henchmen: Henchbot Hits Stores In January
Henchmen is a comic about, well, supervillain henchmen New issues from small press publisher Robot Paper have been thin on the ground however, but after creating a B&W ashcan over the summer, they are now taking it to full colour in January with a new series, Henchmen: I, Henchbot starring this fellow.   For a flavour, here's[...]
More Free ComiXology Comics – And A Hundred For Ten Bucks
1 The Deep: Here Be Dragons #1 Tara Normal #1 Sunrise #1 Guardians #0 Apama – The Undiscovered Animal #1 She Died In Terrebonne #1 Westward #1 Tilt-Shift: The Quiet Profession #1 Boobage The Demon's Sermon on the Martial Arts: A Graphic Novel The Only Living Boy #1 War of the Woods : Season Two #1 Henchmen #1 Escape From The Dead #1 Brandi Bare #1 Kyrra: Alien Jungle Girl #1 Snow:[...]
Shining A Spotlight – Ryan Howe
There's not really a set time on how long a page can take as it really depends on how many people are on it, what's happening, how complicated the scene is, etc, but it would probably between 4-8 hours for a page for the most part. BC: Where might folks have seen your work previously? HOWE: My[...]
Dave Dorman Covers Henchmen
When he applies in person, he finds a subversive world of henchmen for hire Readers will see the familiar superhero landscape from the unique perspective of those who rarely get a voice but are always present… the Henchmen While the superhero is battling the super-villain  the henchmen are the ones loading the loot into the van[...]