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Our line-up for this morning includes us pitching an idea on how "Buffy" & Wolf Pack star Sarah Michelle Gellar could save us from Herschel Walker, Amazon & Sony teaming up for multiple live-action Marvel series (beginning with Angela Kang's Silk: Spider Society), Deborah Ann Woll revealing she hasn't been called for Daredevil: Born Again,[...]
Sarah Michelle Gellar Could Be Key to Saving Us from Herschel Walker
So it's with a lowered head and a broken heart that we make this huge request… that she draws upon that "Buffy" spirit one last time to save us all. Because if Gellar can get Herschel Walker a job on her Paramount+ series, Wolf Pack? She very well may save the republic. Image: Fox News Screencap, Paramount+[...]
ric flair
Senate candidate Herschel Walker that Donald Trump is planning to attend (ranking right up there with Kanye West hanging out with Marilyn Manson and DaBaby as worst "boy band" idea ever) Here's a reminder of why that's a bad idea no matter who's covering the tux rental gig: Ric Flair – Image: Screencap Donald Trump: What can[...]