Sarah Michelle Gellar Could Be Key to Saving Us from Herschel Walker

What we're asking of Sarah Michelle Gellar may not be fair. We understand that. She's selflessly saved the world (and our collective butts) time & time again as Buffy Summers on the modern television classic Buffy the Vampire Slayer. And in doing so, she inspired millions of women around the globe to tap into their own "inner slayer." Also, the third season that's built around graduation? Pound-for-pound, might be one of the best beginning-to-end seasons of a television show I've ever seen. So it's with a lowered head and a broken heart that we make this huge request… that she draws upon that "Buffy" spirit one last time to save us all.

Because if Gellar can get Herschel Walker a job on her Paramount+ series, Wolf Pack? She very well may save the republic.

Image: Fox News Screencap, Paramount+ Screencap

Okay, maybe we're not being serious… but hear us out! In case you didn't know, Walker is running as a Trump-approved GOPer against the Rev. Raphael Warnock (D- who should've won by 20& but… Georgia) to represent the state in the U.S. Senate. Now, because there's too much to list (and we don't want Bleeding Cool's legal folks pissed at us), we won't laundry-list the line-up of things that make Walker a mess of a candidate on levels that still prove surprising. But his most recent misadventure in communicating was too good to pass up, and where we got our inspired idea from. During a stump speech from earlier this week, Walker let it be known that he's courting all voters… even the supernatural ones.

"I don't know if you know, but vampires are some cool people, are they not?" Walker asked the crowd that may or may not have been praying for the earth to swallow them whole at that point. "But let me tell you something that I found out: A werewolf can kill a vampire. Did you know that? I never knew that. So, I don't want to be a vampire anymore. I want to be a werewolf." And that's where Gellar comes in because it seems pretty clear that the dude would much rather be a werewolf than a vampire. And from the look in his eyes, we're guessing he would rather be a werewolf than do any more speeches or debates. So if Gellar and Paramount+ can lock in Walker to a Season 2 contract before the runoff election, then the Senate is securely in Democrat control, Walker gets to live out his dream, and Gellar is awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor and given tax-free status for the rest of her life.

What We Know About Sarah Michelle Gellar in Wolf Pack

Gellar plays arson Investigator Kristin Ramsey, a highly regarded expert in her field and no stranger to personal loss, brought in by authorities to catch the teenage arsonist who started a massive wildfire which may have also led to the reawakening of a supernatural predator terrorizing Los Angeles. Joining Gellar are Rodrigo Santoro (Westworld), Armani Jackson (Honor Society, Chad), Bella Shepard (iCarly, The Wilds), Chloe Rose Robertson (Wildflower), and Tyler Lawrence Gray (Our Town, Macbeth). With the series set to be unleashed on January 26, 2023, here's a look at the first official teaser for Wolf Pack:

Based on the book series by Edo Van Belkom, Wolf Pack follows a teenage boy, Everett (Jackson), and girl, Blake (Shepard), whose lives are forever changed when a California wildfire awakens a terrifying supernatural creature. Wounded in the chaos of its attack, the teens are inexplicably drawn to each other and to two others, fraternal twins Harlan (Gray) and Luna (Robertson), who was adopted sixteen years earlier by a park ranger after another mysterious wildfire. As the full moon rises, all four teens come together to unravel the secret that connects them – the bite and blood of a werewolf.

Additionally, Bailey Stender (iCarly), Chase Liefeld (Chang Can Dunk), Hollie Bahar (Westworld), Lanny Joon (Baby Driver), Rio Mangini (Everything Sucks), Stella Smith (Stargirl), Zack Nelson (Loot) and James Martinez (Love, Victor) are part of the cast in recurring roles. Additional casting includes Amy Pietz (Caroline in the City), Bria Brimmer (Doom Patrol), John L. Adams (The Dead Zone), and Sean Philip Glasgow (Diary of a Future President). Davis and Gellar will serve as executive producers alongside Joe Genier, with Mike Elliott as co-executive producer for Capital Arts. Pilot episode director Jason Ensler will also executive produce.

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