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Get A Second Dose Of Noir – Following Hit: 1955, Hit: 1957 Arrives In March
The epic follow-up to the Harvey Award-nominated miniseries Hit: 1955, is releasing from BOOM! Studios this March Hit: 1957 is the next chapter in Los Angeles' violent past, written by Bryce Carlson, with art by Vanesa R Del Rey The story will take readers later in the violent decade of change for Los Angeles with familiar faces, new[...]
Boom! To Collect Harvey Nominated Series Hit: 1955
Hit: 1955, the four-issue series written by Bryce Carlson and drawn by Vanesa R Del Rey is being collected in December by Boom! Studios The story looks at the twisted history of the LAPD and of a policeman who did some under-the-table wetwork in an attempt to clean up the streets The series was nominated[...]