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Interactive has released a new video for Hitman 2, showing off the way Agent 47 will be able to affect his world and kill his target. credit//WBIE I'm excited about Hitman 2 The last title was such a wonderful surprise and remains a great game to just pop back into If you've never played it, you really should[...]
IO Interactive has announced that Hitman 2 will launch with six missions for players to make their way through, with the option of adding more in the future. There were a lot of sceptics when the Hitman reboot launched Episodic games out of narrative based titles (like Telltale's output) at the time had been patchy at[...]
Hitman 2
When you get a chance to play Hitman 2, the first thing on your mind is how funny can we make this mission At least that was my mindset when I jumped into our demo with IO Interactive and WB Games/Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment this week at E3 We got a chance to play a[...]
As the veritable feeding frenzy of E3 trailer reveals continues, Warner Bros Interactive has tossed some tasty chum in the water in the form of a Hitman 2 Miami Gameplayer trailer, showcasing just one of the game's sandbox locations The trailer shows off "the colorful ambience of an in-progress motorsport race, along with an assortment of[...]
Hitman 2 Officially Announced by WBIE and IO Interactive
Interactive Entertainment and IO Interactive as Hitman 2 will be released later this year We kinda knew the news was coming from all the teasers earlier in the week, but this morning both companies confirmed it along with the added bonus of getting a second announcement with a brand-new co-op adventure in the game called[...]
Watch This Speedrunner Clear Hitman 2 in Less Than 4 Minutes
A speedrunner channel known as inkblowout loaded the video below last week where he takes full advantage of the save glitch found in Hitman 2: Silent Assassin, and uses it in the best way possible by crushing one of the longest soul-sucking menu games of the PS2 era by crushing the game's any percentage record in 3:22 minutes.  Inkblowout looks[...]