Dastarque: On Dungeons & Dragons Homebrew Worldbuilding

Dastarque: On Miscellaneous Alterations In A Homebrew D&D Capacity

Hello there, loyal readers! As you may be aware, I am working on conceptualizing a homebrew Dungeons & Dragons campaign in a setting I've created called Dastarque I've already covered such topics as alignment shifts and the world I'm working on in a very general sense Today, I'd like us to journey a bit deeper into[...]

Dastarque: On Dungeons & Dragons Homebrew Worldbuilding

Dastarque: On Dungeons & Dragons Homebrew Worldbuilding

But when it comes to the creative expression of worldbuilding from a homebrew perspective, it's vital to know where you can go with your story - that is to say, anywhere, but with some degree of limitation My homebrewed world Dastarque is an excellent example of taking what one has and making it into something[...]

MTG Scheming Symmetry

Opinion: On Dungeons & Dragons Homebrew Campaigns And Alignment

Hello, dear readers! This article series is meant to showcase my personal thoughts on how to make an immersive homebrewed world in Dungeons & Dragons from the ground up The article ties into my own setting of Dastarque, but should serve as a good example for all you aspiring homebrewers on how to make these[...]

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Opinion: Regarding Dungeons & Dragons, Session 0, & Consent

In essence, the Session Zero of any campaign draws lines but also breaks walls of miscommunication between players.[caption id="attachment_1204863" align="aligncenter" width="600"] A list of important aspects of consent, from Monte Cook Games' book, Consent in Gaming.[/caption]As someone who does not wish to cause my players extreme discomfort in my campaign, I feel inclined to go[...]