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Cause it's one night and one more time, but thanks for the memories…even though they weren't so great. He tastes like…The Weekly Static! Because Fall Out Boy and the writing gods behind Moonlighting understand that imitation is the highest form of flattery…but did I happen to mention? Did I bother to disclose? That this man that we're seeking[...]
Moon Pie Gets Territorial On Twitter Over Hostess Cupcakes' Bogus Eclipse Claim — NPR (@NPR) August 19, 2017 Agree to disagree — MoonPie (@MoonPie) August 20, 2017 And Moon Pie even has some famous allies: Getting ready for tomorrow! #Eclipse 🌚🌝 #moonpie — Sheryl Crow (@SherylCrow) August 21, 2017 🎶iiiiiiiiii wanna soak up the moooooon 🎶 @SherylCrow — MoonPie (@MoonPie) August 21, 2017 And in case you're wondering, Moon Pie has[...]
Swipe File: Hostess Glo-Balls Vs Testicles
I bet these were the Hostess boss's idea, there's no other explanation. Boss: We have this new product I'm personally overseeing and I want you to market it! Here's what it looks like. Salesman: You're going with that cross section image? Boss: Yes, why? Salesman: Oh nothing… so what are they called? Boss: Glo-Balls. Salesman: Shut up. Boss: Good isn't it? I[...]