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Freedom Fighters: the Ray – 'Destroy the Cortex, Save the World.'
Animation. In the scene below, Raymond and his best friend John Trujillo (Jason Mitchell) watch a hologram project by the neural cortex of Red Tornado (Iddo Goldberg) Tornado quickly explains multiverses and how his Earth differs from Earth-1 and about the Freedom Fighters They notice that Black Condor looks exactly like John Tornado also explains that[...]
Red Tornado
They got Iddo Goldberg to play both RT and the man who created him, T O Morrow I guess the idea was Morrow was so egotistical that he created the robot to look like himself The helmet made no sense what so ever and looked horrible and the effects were poor It was that moment[...]
Red Tornado Is Coming To Supergirl On Monday
The episode introduces Red Tornado (Iddo Goldberg) The reason I've been curious about it is the design of the character makes me think of something Tom Baker would have dealt with on Doctor Who They way the face pokes out from the headgear… I'm hoping it will look better in action than in the clips[...]