Why Supergirl Really Needs To Bring Back The Red Tornado

I've gone through the different Arrowverse series today, picking a character that had been previously introduced that should be brought back, and in truth… the one I want brought back the most is on Supergirl. The character I want them to bring back was one that intrigued me a lot as a kid, the Red Tornado. And while most of these I want them to bring back are because of how well they did the interpretation of the character… that is definitely not the case here.

Red Tornado
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The Red Tornado that Supergirl introduced was a low point in the series for me. The character looked like something the BBC would've come up with as a bad guy for a Tom Baker episode of Doctor Who. They got Iddo Goldberg to play both RT and the man who created him, T. O. Morrow. I guess the idea was Morrow was so egotistical that he created the robot to look like himself. The helmet made no sense what so ever and looked horrible and the effects were poor. It was that moment that I almost walked away from the series all together. Red Faced was the episode title and it might be how they executive producers felt.

The Red Tornado needs to be redeemed. Show it the love that fans of the characters have. He was basically destroyed, but what if the android became sentient during the fight and there was enough of him left to rebuild himself (to look better). He need to get the chance to be the hero he becomes in the comics. They can't just leave that bad taste in our mouth. And it's not like they're pretending he didn't exist. Though he has no been mentioned since his one episode, the design is being used for the Earth-X version that we see in the trailer for The Freedom Fighters: The Ray animated series coming up on the CW Seed. If he's going to appear there, they could at least give him an episode in season three to show what the character can really do.

Below is the Comic-Con footage for The Ray series featuring Red Tornado.

Supergirl returns for season three on October 9th at 8 PM on the CW.

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