Joe Sinnott Inks John Byrnes Trio

Joe Sinnott Inks John Byrne's Trio

Here's the variant cover for John Byrne's new IDW comic, Trio, this one inked by Joe Sinnott. Each issue will have  a variant cover inked by another legendary comics creator. Talking of which, here's the cover to the Artist's Edition of Daredevil: Born Again by Miller and Mazzucchelli Here's what the solicitation says; Collecting the […]

Three Faces Of Doctor Who by Josh Adams

Three Faces Of Doctor Who by Josh Adams

His father his Neal Adams. He writes (occasionally) for Bleeding Cool. He eats a mean pancake. And now Josh Adams is drawing Doctor Who. Here are three looks at his first work on the continuing series, issue 9.  I really think Josh has caught Matt Smith's hangdog/beautiful people expression down pat. And I do hope […]