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The Ignatz Awards 2015 – It's The Oven Of Sex Fantasies
The Ignatz Awards this year at Small Press Expo were characteristically snappy in their delivery, poignant in their reflections, and predictive of trends in comics It's all about the honesty and the psychology this year it seems In short, being human. C Spike Trotman hosted the awards with great aplomb, speaking quite meaningfully and saying that[...]
The 2014 Ignatz Awards Winners – A Complete Listing
Here are this year's winners of the Ignatz Awards, taking home bricks tonight, from the Small Press Expo in Bethesda, Maryland, sponsored by ComiXology Congratulations to both the nominees and the winners this year for their excellence in moving the comics medium in new directions and showing what comics and comics creators are capable of. Outstanding Artist Sam[...]
Countdown To The Ignatz Awards 2013
By David Dissanayake In case you haven't heard of them, the Ignatz Awards recognize small press and indie comics creators for outstanding work, kind of like the Eisner or Harvey Awards, but for indie comics Nominations are made by each year's Ignatz Jury (you can find this year's jury here ) What makes these awards especially[...]