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Ted DiBiase Ordered To Repay Inappropriately Used Welfare Funds
 Shad White, the Mississippi State Auditor, has announced that his office has concluded its audit into the recipients of TANF (Temporary Assistance for Needy Families) money in 2020 and found that $77 million was misspent in illegal means The recipients must each pay back an individual amount immediately  Among those named were DiBiase and his[...]
Jane the Virgin's Gina Rodriguez Developing Latino Series For CBS, CW
Illegal and centers around a Latina doctor who immigrates to Miami but is forced to work as a nurse's assistant after she learns that she's unable to practice medicine in the U.S Unable to resist the need to help those around her, she risks everything by opening a makeshift clinic in her apartment to serve[...]
An Illegal Kickstarter
Those people disappear in the night while the blue collar white guy is still home and warm in his bed with a wife played by an actress whose better at their craft and should be leading her own movie – but she's not. That's where the idea of "Illegal" started I live in the South (that's[...]
Infamous Comics Pirate 'Archangel' Retires
Posted earlier today at bittorrent site Demonoid, famous and longstanding comic book scanner, and illegal uploader stated that he was retiring from the practice. With three years and over two thousand complete and illegally uploaded scans to his record,that represents tens of millions of dollars of comics read for free without the owner and/or publisher's permission[...]