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Juggler Games' My Memory of Us is Subtly Depressing
Juggler Games and IMGN.PRO's My Memory of Us is so subtly depressing you probably won't even realize just how dark most of the scenes are in the game until you've walked away and properly processed everything you just experienced. The game is set as a story a grandfather is telling his grandchild, one about his past[...]
Resource Management Survival Game Symmetry
Symmetry is a survival resource management game set in a retro-futuristic, sci-fi universe to celebrate the game's launch on Steam and PlayStation 4, developer Sleepless Clinic and publisher IMGN.PRO released a brand new launch trailer designed to get you hyped for resource management in space Which is a pretty tall order, but they manage it[...]
Seven: The Days Long Gone
credit// IMGN.PRO [rwp-review-recap id="0"] Fool's Theory and IMGN.PRO's Seven: The Days Long Gone is an action RPG with stealth elements, because you play as a thief Specifically, you play as a master thief infiltrating a prison island So naturally the game is a bit punishing, but Fool's Theory has made it fun despite that. The story here is also[...]
Symmetry The Sci-Fi Survival Resource Management Game Launches This February
Developed by Sleepless Clinic and published by IMGN.PRO, Symmetry combines an ominous sci-fi storyline with life or death consequences, with an atmospheric score that sustains the harsh realities, with hand drawn pastel Vector graphics to give the game a feeling of mystery and highlight the severity of the deserted world Seriously, this game is pretty damn[...]
Seven: The Days Long Gone Has Gifted Us With A Gameplay Trailer
IMGN.PRO is presenting some new Seven: The Days Long Gone gameplay just in time for Gamescom and PAX West The new video focuses on Teriel who, as a Master of Thieves, has quite a lot of useful skills, including invisibility, flash and chromosphere…  And to be fair, he is also quite good at setting traps, sneaking[...]
Two Years Since Release, "Kholat" Finally Comes To Xbox One
One of the best indie games of 2015 was IMGN.PRO's Kholat, an exploration horror game based on true events that happened 58 years ago in Russia But the game only saw a PS4 and PC release at the time, with no proper port to the Xbox One That's finally changing Two years after its initial[...]
Listen To The Soothing Sounds Of Seven: The Days Long Gone
In the newest gameplay trailer from IMGN.PRO and Fools Theory's SEVEN: The Days Long Gone, players can listen to the track that will appear in the end credits of the game – fragments of it will also be used in Artee village Granted, the latest trailer also features some gameplay so that is also worth[...]
Inner Chains Has Gone And Flayed Itself Open For You With A Making Of Video
Today was supposed to be the release day for Telepath's Tree, Orka Studio, and IMGN.PRO's Inner Chains, but the game has been delayed Instead, the team took a knife to Inner Chains to show us the making of the horror game's cinematic trailer It's the kind of meta treatment that works best with properties that have very distinct[...]
Inner Chains Will Be Here To Horrify You Later This Month
Publisher IMGN.PRO and developer Telepath's Tree announced this week that their horror shooter Inner Chains will release in April. The game takes place in a post-apocalyptic future in which nature has been adapting to its new conditions free from human influence, assimilating the abandoned technology, giving life to biomechanical beings To celebrate the game's release date, Inner Chains[...]
Like Film Noir But Also Video Games? Bruce Might Be The Game For You
Logic Artists and IMGN.PRO have come up with a Film Noir inspired video game, which they've decided to call Bruce. Alright so it's a film noir cyberpunk hybrid that somehow seems to work really, really solidly at a straight noir drama that just so happens to include tech And unlike most of IMGN's games, this one will[...]
Want More Of Thief? You Might Want To Try Seven: The Days Long Gone
Co-developed and published by IMGN.PRO and Fool's Theory, Seven: The Days Long Gone is a fantastic little RPG inspired by the classic Thief series The game ways playable at PAX East this year, and we've got some gameplay to show you from that, in case you're interested. The promotional writeup of the game's plot is fantastic, so I'm[...]
Check Out The Post-Apocalyptic World Of Krai Mira Extended Cut
Yet another of the many games I perused at PAX East this year was Krai Mira – Extended Cut from TallTech Studios and IMGN.PRO It's an open-world RPG set in a post-apocalyptic universe filled with radiation So, something like Fallout while also being absolutely nothing like Fallout Sure, you've got radiation and it's post-apocalyptic and you have to[...]
Hands On With Horror FPS Inner Chains At PAX East
IMGN.Pro and developer Telepath's Tree will soon be bringing us a horror shooter called Inner Chains which has some delightfully gothic art attached to it and an absolutely terrifying story to go along with it. The basic plot of Inner Chains is that in the distant future (several million years in the future), the Earth is the kind of gaping maw[...]
Husk Is Simply A Cloudy World Of Worry
[rwp-review-recap id="0"] PUBLISHER: IMGN.PRO/UndeadScout REVIEWED ON: Steam RELEASED: 2/3/17 The last time I had a chance to play an FPP game from IMGN.PRO was when they released Kholat back in mid-2015 It was a nice indie survival horror game that actually gave me chills in the middle of the summer, and it was nice having Sean Bean in my[...]