Want More Of Thief? You Might Want To Try Seven: The Days Long Gone


Co-developed and published by IMGN.PRO and Fool's Theory, Seven: The Days Long Gone is a fantastic little RPG inspired by the classic Thief series. The game ways playable at PAX East this year, and we've got some gameplay to show you from that, in case you're interested.

The promotional writeup of the game's plot is fantastic, so I'm just going to quote it verbatim for you, "No-one said being a theif was easy. Living in the shadows, having more enemies than friends, often doing things that ain't pretty. Not without pleasure, though. The adrenaline, the rush in your veins as you sneak in and out without anybody noticing, is second to none. Problems? Sure. Sometimes they do happen. But so far you haven't faced one that couldn't be solved one way or another. In fact, usually those "problems" are slow, bored, and not really paying attention to what's going on around them. Which makes handling them so much easier. It only takes patience. Patience allows you to shut them down quietly. But if endurance is not one of your virtues, then… Well, brutal force is an option too. Less sophisticated, but reliable and always available…"


Now down to the gameplay, Seven is a 3D isometric RPG where you get full access to the sandbox world of the Vetrall Empire. This is one is a "beyond post-apocalyptic" environment, because regular post-apocalypse settings are just all over the place these days. You've got several paths to completing each quest given to you, the stealthy, the more combat heavy, or the more charismatic path. Unlike most isometric RPGs, here you have the ability to climb and free-traverse obstacles just like a regular old cat burglar. Well, one possessed by an ancient daemon and deported to a prison, anyway.

The release date for Seven is still TBA, but if you want to keep up to date with it, you may as well hop on over to the game's site here. What I can tell you is that it'll be on Steam for PC.

The PAX East gameplay video is below.

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