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Yet another of the many games I perused at PAX East this year was Krai Mira – Extended Cut from TallTech Studios and IMGN.PRO. It's an open-world RPG set in a post-apocalyptic universe filled with radiation. So, something like Fallout while also being absolutely nothing like Fallout. Sure, you've got radiation and it's post-apocalyptic and you have to survive, but the focus of Krai Mira is combat, not story. Although you are slowly trying to solve the mystery of just what exactly caused the apocalypse here in the first place.

You've got a wide range of weapons and armor, including some rather unusual options. You can equip old flat tires as armor, for example. Get your vintage Michelin Man on. In typical RPG style, you get to wander around, explore, take random fetch quests and the like from NPCs and slowly uncover the hidden truth of the game world.


While this is a remaster of an older game, the updates to Krai Mira aren't just cosmetic. There is a whole lot of new content designed to enhance the player experience. The developers at TallTech have been working closely with players to make improvements like interactive help and tips, a new inventory, and changes to the UI. There are also a ton of new items, armor, and even some extra-dangerous random enemy encounters with all new creatures.

The game is also getting some new localizations for French, Polish, and German, alongside new dialogue and a smarter AI. You've got new maps to explore including a monastery, catacombs, a "lake" laboratory complex, and even ancient ruins. Plus, you'll be able to continue your game even after you've finished the main story.


If you haven't guessed, Krai Mira was inspired by the likes of Fallout, Commandos, and Diablo. So if you enjoyed any of those, this might be right up your alley.

The full list of features is as follows:

  • Improved, better-quality content in Krai Mira: Extended Cut
  • Impressively precise in-combat design
  • Sneaking, setting up traps and mines
  • Additional flavor in minigames: gambling, dice, arcade machines
  • Exploring various locations, such as swamps, forests, desert, caves, and ancient ruins
  • Collecting weapons, armor, and unique items
  • Intriguing main storyline in an open world
  • Additional side missions
  • Dynamic day and night cycle
  • Character development around personal preferences
  • Gaining followers

Krai Mira – Extended Cut is set to release on April 4th, and it'll set you back $12.99 USD. It's a PC game, and for that price, definitely worth checking out. You can take a look at the game's site here for more information.





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