Seven: The Days Long Gone: Fantastic, if a Bit Too Unconventional

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Fool's Theory and IMGN.PRO's Seven: The Days Long Gone is an action RPG with stealth elements, because you play as a thief. Specifically, you play as a master thief infiltrating a prison island. So naturally the game is a bit punishing, but Fool's Theory has made it fun despite that.

The story here is also a huge highlight, as you get to uncover quite a few dark secrets, and it is positively engrossing.

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Seven can feel a little unfocused with all the side quests and detours, but it does a pretty decent job of pulling you back in relatively easily. The soundtrack alone could do it, as could the art. It is a frankly gorgeous game with a positively glorious OST.

However, the game is far from unique. It makes many of the same mistakes as other RPGs with too many side quests and too much effort trying to be unique in a market flooded with similar RPGs. It's a lot like Thief — which is both a great thing and a poor one.

Much like Thief, Seven is trying to be edgy and dark and mysterious in regards to Theriel. But unlike Thief, is far less divisive. Partly because it is an indie game from a Polish publisher.

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The fast travel system is the biggest weakness. You can get dropped in enemy bases and near large, aggressive mobs — not great to port into. Now, if you didn't know about or didn't use the fast travel system, slow traveling around the map doesn't add too much time to the ten-hour campaign. And, really, given the in-world situation of existing on a prison island, safe fast travelling is not something I'd expect to have. Much like Middle-earth: Shadow of War sometimes you fast travel into your death. And thats just a risk you'll have to take.

If you're willing to put up with a few nonsensical design choices and avoid fast-traveling, Seven: The Days Long Gone is fantastic. If you expect conventional mechanics, a safe fast-travel system, and a fully customizable camera, you're better off passing on this one.

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