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Chris Hemsworth Gets Another Sequel… A Second Turn On SNL
This time he will be pushing his latest film In the Heart of the Sea But I'm sure there will be more Thor jokes with the Avengers: Age of Ultron having come out since and Thor: Ragnarok in the works. Here is the official press release which also includes hosting gigs for Ryan Gosling, Tina Fey[...]
Chris Hemsworth's In The Heart Of The Sea Delayed
Hemsworth other big release, the Ron Howard directed In The Heart Of The Sea is being moved from it's original March release date back to December The film tells the story of the whaling ship Essex whose true story lead to Herman Melville writing Moby Dick The film also stars Ben Whishaw, Benjamin Walker, Cillian Murphy, Brendan[...]
In The Heart Of The Sea Gets A Second Trailer
Warner Bros has released a second trailer for the new Ron Howard film, In The Heart Of The Sea The film tells the story of the whaling ship Essex that inspired Herman Melville to write Moby Dick It stars: Chris Hemsworth, Benjamin Walker, George Pollard, Cillian Murphy, Tom Holland, Brendan Gleeson, Jordi Molla and Ben Whishaw. In The[...]
Ron Howard Pits Chris Hemsworth Against The White Whale
In The Heart Of The Sea is the story of the Essex and the real-life maritime disaster that would inspire Herman Melville's Moby Dick Based on the novel by Nathaniel Philbrick, the movie tells both of the battle with the giant whale and the aftermath as the crew must do unthinkable things to survive. The film is[...]
Casting Roundup: Bradley Cooper, Ben Whishaw, Transformers 4 And More
[The Wrap] • Ben Whishaw has finalized his deal to play Moby Dick author Herman Melville in Ron Howard's In the Heart of the Sea, about the actual whaling expedition disaster that inspired Melville's famous novel Chris Hemsworth, Tom Holland, Benjamin Walker, Cillian Murphy, Brendon Gleeson and newcomer Osy Ikhile also star [The Wrap] • TV's The[...]