Irma Kniivila

Captain America #703 cover by Michael Cho

Captain America #703 Review: The Story Comes Into its Own

Jordie Bellaire and Irma Kniivila contribute the color art, which is bright, lively, and well balanced too.Captain America #703 is easily the best issue of this story arc and hopefully signals a turning point for the better in Mark Waid’s final tale in the series It’s fast-paced, Jack Rogers has come into his own as[...]

jane eyre

'Jane' Review: Dark, Handsome, And Not Blurry

Irma Kniivila (along with Perez) is a master colorist The water scenes are especially perfect, showing a beautiful calm that ultimately put Jane where she is now.I could go on about how much I loved this graphic novel Perhaps I'm biased since I am a fan of the original, but I have a feeling this[...]