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Have the Infinity Warps Gone Too Far? Secret Warps Iron Hammer Annual #1 [Preview]
God dammit. This has really gone too far. But before we get into that, Secret Warps: Iron Hammer Annual #1 wants to take us back to plain old Iron Hammer for a flashback to the seminal story… Ok, you know what, we're back on board. SECRET WARPS IRON HAMMER ANNUAL #1 MAY190792 (W) Al Ewing, Tini Howard (A) Ario Anandito (A/CA)[...]
Infinity Warps Iron Hammer #2 Introduces Howard, Ruler of Asgard
But it does produce some amusing moments, such as in this preview of Iron Hammer #2, introducing Sigurd Stark's father, the ruler of Asgard: Howard. Somehow, Odin seems less impressive as a Howard, doesn't he? Infinity Warps Iron Hammer #2, which is, thank the gods, the final issue, hits stores on Wednesday. Infinity Warps Iron Hammer #2 (W) Al[...]
You Can't Touch This Preview of MC Iron Hammer #1
Marvel Comics, or MC for short, has released a preview of Iron Hammer #1, the latest in a neverending series of spinoffs from the Infinity Wars super-mega-crossover event, ripping off ideas from Chris Claremont's X-Men Forever This issue sees Iron Man mashed up with Thor to become Iron Hammer, a concept that is very legit[...]
Infinity Wars #3 cover by Mike Deodato Jr. and Rain Beredo
Admittedly, Iron Hammer and Aracknight look okay. Infinity Wars #3 art by Mike Deodato Jr and Frank Martin Mike Deodato Jr continues to provide good art that feels like it comes with a Faustian cost The paneling is still distracting and baffling There are moments where body posture and facial expression make little sense for the scene[...]