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BioShock Creator's New Game Is Probably A First Person Narrative Shooter
At this point, we more or less only know it is a sci-fi game with a heavy focus on a 'constructable' narrative. However, this new job listing for developer Irrational Games (via GamesRadar+), which is working with a much smaller team than normal, has shed a little light It seems, true to his roots, Levine is cooking[...]
Irrational Behavior: Was Laying Off The Bulk Of The Bioshock Team Really Necessary?
By Jared Cornelius This week's biggest news story was undoubtedly the, "Winding down" of Irrational Games.  If I may take a moment to eulogize a wonderful studio that created amazing games Irrational Games was a developer of incredible value.  I say that not only as a gamer, but financially, the BioShock series Ken Levine created, generated over[...]
Bioshock Not-So-Infinite After All – Irrational Games is Shutting Down
By Daniel Celko The studio responsible for the iconic Bioshock series is "winding down" as announced by Ken Levine, co-founder of Irrational Games. In his public message on the Irrational Games site, Levine stated that he wishes to move in a new direction with the games he creates: To make narrative-driven games for the core gamer that are[...]