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Sunstone Fans Rejoice as Stjepan Šejić Previews New Original Comics
It is understandable that fans of Harleen are sad that the creator won't continue on to the Isley graphic novel he once teased, but as Šejić lays out years of plans for comics on social media, it's clear that he's going to supply his fanbase with enough reading material to fill that space in their hearts. [...]
Stjepan Šejić Leaves Corporate Comics For Good
The writer/artist has even conquered mainstream comics, bringing his trademark, character-focused style to DC Comics with their Harleen Black Label series that reinvented Harley Quinn. Šejić planned to follow Harleen up, at one point, with Isley, a Poison Ivy-focused series, but it seems that may never happen. Harleen cover Credit: DC Comics.   Stjepan Šejić took to Facebook to announce his[...]