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A Look At Moritat's Art For Sheena #0 25-Cent Issue
With a 25-cent zero issue, for August 2nd Though odds are there will be copies floating around San Diego Comic-Con. Written by Marguerite Bennett (Batwoman, Animosity) alongside Christina Trujillo, finalist for Galaxy Press's Writers of the Future and drawn by Moritat (Hellblazer, Teen Titans), everyone's favorite Queen of the Jungle swings back into action on August[...]
DC Zero Issues Roll Out The Legacies
This week is the beginning of DC Comics' Zero Issue initiative, where all their DC New 52 titles publish a flashback issue zero, but one that still has relevance to the ongoing narrative, and more importantly the next issue You know, like you first read about on Bleeding Cool. What we didn't tell you (because we[...]
Last Chance To Order Bleeding Cool Magazine
It costs $1.49 for the Preview #0 issue Retailers who order 25 or more copies will get listed on the website. Tick tick tick… Tick, tick, tick… This is the last day you can order Bleeding Cool Magazine and actually be sure to get it It costs $1.49 for the Preview #0 issue Retailers who order 25[...]
Creators Confirm DC Zero Issues At Boston Comic Con
Last week, Bleeding Cool announced that in September DC would give all the original New 52 titles an issue 0, telling year one, with regular numbering coming back in October. And at Boston Comic Con, on the DC panel, Ivan Reis, Joe Prado, Jamal Igle, Cliff Chiang and Francis Manapul basically confirmed it Although it's not[...]