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What We Do in the Shadows makes BCTV's Top 10 of 2020 (Image: FX Networks)
Let's just say that after the second swindle he pulled on Hamill's Jim the Vampire at the end of S02E06 "On the Run", the "Star Wars" legend has every right to still be a little pissed at a certain Jackie Daytona aka Laszlo (stiffing him on rent and then singing-fish scamming him over 150 years[...]
What We Do In The Shadows | Season 2: Lucky Brew’s FYC | FX
Decisions, decisions. What We Do In The Shadows | Season 2: Lucky Brew's FYC | FX Back in the real world, What We Do in the Shadows is celebrating its Emmy nomination for "On the Run" by offering fans a look at the finest establishment Clairton, Pennsylvania, has ever seen run by a man who is definitely[...]
Or should I say that I learned to appreciate "Jackie Daytona" so much more? Laszlo flees after his past catches up to him Apparently, a long, long time ago he had short-changed Jim the Vampire (Mark Hamill) and now Jim has returned to take revenge So naturally, Laszlo takes on the new persona of "Jackie[...]