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She-Hulk #159 art by Mike Deodato Jr. and Marcelo Maiolo
The Leader does show up before the end. She-Hulk #159 art by Jahnoy Lindsay, Federico Blee, and Chris Sotomayor Jahnoy Lindsay's artwork is solid, and, like many modern artists, does take a lot of cues from anime and manga artwork Like many artists of that sort, it does leave the comic feeling light on detail However, Lindsay[...]
Uncanny Avengers #25 Review: Great Art And Humor Make Up For Inconsequential Story
The team of Kim Jacinto, Jahnoy Lindsay, and Juanan Ramirez have made an absolutely gorgeous book here They go for a pseudo-realistic style with a good amount of depth, but it still maintains the superhero kinetic and dynamic feel It's incredibly detailed, and the characters are all very well expressed by both facial movements and[...]