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Mark Waid Gets Grimm With Writer Jai Nitz
As we reach the penultimate Mark Waid interview, he sits down with Jai Nitz to talk about Grimm: The Warlock the Dynamite Entertainment series based on the popular TV show. Mark Waid: Jai, how familiar were you with the GRIMM show before you started? Now? Where does the story "fit" in TV continuity? Jai Nitz: When Dynamite[...]
A Look Inside The Art Of Sean Phillips
Jai Nitz chats with legendary artist Sean Phillips and Eddie Robson about the new art book from Dynamite Entertainment. JAI NITZ: For Eddie, what's your favorite memory of Sean's work For me it's the cover to Shade #62 I remember Vertigo made a mini poster of it I taped a bunch of them together and made[...]
The Shadow And The Green Hornet Through The Eyes Of Batman Producer Michael Uslan
Uslan chatted with Jai Nitz about the Dark Nights series and more. JAI NITZ: Michael Uslan is writing The Shadow/Green Hornet: Dark Knights.  Michael, what was your first attempt to write a comic script?  The trustworthy Internet says it was for The Shadow in 1975 when you were trying to produce a film adaptation. MICHAEL USLAN: I was[...]
Paul Tobin On How An Elevator Ride Led To Writing The Bionic Woman
The first story arc of the Paul Tobin written run is being collected and Jai Nitz sat down to talk to the writer about how he got involved and what he has planed for Jaime Summers. JAI NITZ: Did you watch the original Bionic Woman series when it aired?  How did that play into your take[...]
Eric Trautmann Says He Could Easily Do A Hundred Issues Of Red Sonja
Now Jai Nitz sits down with writer Eric Trautmann to talk about his time on Red Sonja, how he got started and just how long he could see writing the character. JAI NITZ: What's your first memory of Red Sonja? ERIC TRAUTMANN: A black and white Howard Chaykin piece, if memory serves Probably in a Savage Sword[...]
Chris Roberson Talks Our Man Flint, Captain Action And Wereterriers
Jai Nitz caught up with Roberson to talk about Captain Action, iZombie, and the future for the series. JN: Did you have a Captain Action figure growing up? CR: I was born in 1970, just a couple of years after the Captain Action heyday in the late 60s, so I missed that window But I discovered him[...]
From Out Of The Fog To Fighting Aliens – Brandon Jerwa Talks Vampirella
Jai Nitz chatted with the writer about the latest collection Vampirella Vol 4: Inquisition. JAI NITZ: Vampirella has a mixed bag history.  What do you think is the best interpretation of the character? BRANDON JERWA: MINE, obviously! Hahaha Seriously, though: I think there are good aspects to be taken from each version of the character, and I have certainly[...]
Crisis On Infinite Ashes – Elliott Serrano Talks Army Of Darkness
Jai Nitz caught up with Serrano to talk all things Evil Dead. JAI NITZ: How many times have you seen the Evil Dead/Army of Darkness movies? ELLIOTT SERRANO: Wow, I think I've lost count! When you consider the number of times I've seen them on video, cable and in the theater Especially since I made a point of[...]
Jim Zub, The Sword And Sorcery Go-To Guy
Jai Nitz caught up with Zub to talk about fantasy comics and what the writer has in store for his readers in the near future. JAI NITZ: Jim, you're known for SKULLKICKERS, but you've got SAMURAI JACK coming out from IDW and PATHFINDER from Dynamite.  You're making quite a name for yourself as a sword &[...]
Rob Williams On Writing Miss Fury As A Dimension-Hopping, Violent, Period Piece
Jai Nitz chatted with the writer about his very different take on a golden age heroine. Jai Nitz: Rob, I know you best from your self-published Cla$$war and 2000AD work (which are all fantastic) and now you're writing Miss Fury at Dynamite.  What was your first encounter with the American Golden Age heroes? ROB WILLIAMS: Thanks! My first[...]
Victor Gischler Talks Female Pulp Heroes And His New Series Noir
Jai Nitz sat down and talked to the writer about his new pulp filled series Noir for Dynamite Entertainment. JAI NITZ: Vic you're writing NOIR at Dynamite.  It's an ass-kicking girl team up.  Who's your favorite ass-kicking girl in fiction (or reality)? VICTOR GISCHLER: You know, with characters like Red Sonja and Miss Fury (and now Black[...]
Garth Ennis On Red Team, Police Procedurals And Going Gonzo
Jai Nitz chatted with the writer about his Dynamite Entertainment title Red Team. JAI NITZ: I want to start with a big question.  You're known for Preacher or The Boys or Punisher or any number of projects.  It seems that comics have gone over the edge of gonzo these days and that some of the more[...]
Grimm: The Warlock, The TV Spinoff By Jai Nitz And José Malaga
Grimm: The Warlock is a new comic book mini-series from Dynamite, spinning off their  NBCUniversal licence for the TV show, written by Jai Nitz and drawn by José Malaga, launching in December. Announced at Baltimore Comic Con, The Warlock focuses on an investigation by the homicide detectives Nick Burkhardt and Hank Griffin Something about a fixed[...]