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The Ocean At The End Of The Lane review
And thankfully for all concerned, it was the former. James Bamford in The Ocean At The End Of The Lane, photo by Manuel Harlan As a play, it is savage with the original text where it needs to be; it cuts deeps and gets straight to the action For a play that adapts the work of a[...]
Arrow Season 7: Title, Writers, and Director of the Season Premiere
She posted the below photo showing the original Arrow Pop! Vinyl figure standing in front of a copy of the season premiere script. Episode #701 will be titled 'Inmate 4587' and is written by Schwartz and Oscar Balderrama and directed by James Bamford All three of these people have been with the series for a very long[...]
Stephen Amell Dark Arrow
All Rights Reserved This part was directed by James Bamford, who has been the stunt coordinator for Arrow since season one and in the last few years started to direct And where the other series tend to do a lot of CGI, Bamford is a practical stunt person — so when you see someone going flying[...]
Stephen Amell in Arrow Recap
The episode is written by Guggenheim and co-showrunner Wendy Mericle while it's being directed by their stunt coordinator James Bamford. The season ended on a big cliff hanger with Oliver and his son William on a boat just after Adrian Chase / Prometheus killed himself, triggering the large number of bombs that he planted all around[...]
The Multi-Level Stunts Of Arrow
Stunt Coordinator James Bamford walks us through one of the biggest stunts scenes of the new season so far from the Arrow episode The Candidate This was one of the first scenes featuring the new version of Team Arrow with Green Arrow, Speedy, Black Canary and the code name-less John Diggle This scene combined fighting,[...]
Arrow – Stunts: Wildcat Vs Brick
The CW has released their latest Arrow -- Stunts video, this time featuring the fight between Ted Grant / Wildcat and Danny "Brick" Brickwell. In the
Arrow Stunts – The Two Shot Challenge
The CW is continuing their behind the scenes look at the stunts done on Arrow as stunt coordinator James Bamford walks us through a fight between Malcolm Merlyn (John Barrowman) and Thea Queen (WIlla Holland) that they needed to film in only two takes. Arrow returns to the CW on March 18th. [youtube]http://youtu.be/7ktdUrys4x8[/youtube] [...]
An In-depth Look At The Fight Between Oliver Queen And Ra's al Ghul
Often referred to as the best stunt team on television… usually by everyone connected to the series… The CW has released another behind the scenes look at the stunts for Arrow narrated by stunt coordinator James Bamford This time we look at the fight between Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) and Ra's al Ghul (Matt Nable)[...]