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Academy Award-winning writer/director/actor Taika Waititi (JoJo Rabbit) and The New Pope star Jude Law may not be looking to "bite the hand that feeds them" with their reported-but-not-yet-confirmed limited series The Auteur, it appears Showtime is looking to bite on the project in a big way. Cubankite / Denis Makarenko (Shutterstock.com) Based on the graphic novel The[...]
The Twisted Side Of Hollywood Through The Eyes Of An Auteur – Oni's Hit Comes To Trade
She's his black white whale, yet he doesn't deserve her affections whatsoever. James Callahan's artwork is simply phenomenal At first I thought it was done by Ryan Ottley or Tradd Moore due to the intricate-yet-beautiful disembowelment scenes, but as it turns out Callahan is right up there with the gory greats Luigi Anderson's vibrant colors add[...]
The Wild Courage Of Despair – Wrapping Up The Remnants Of The Auteur #5
In that case, this…this…was a pretty well-crafted comic book. Good luck, Rick Spears and James Callahan We're all rooting for you. Ed Saul's the Entertainer, and he's had to pay his price; the things he did not know at first, he learned by doing twice. By Ed Saul Awhile back, I read through and reviewed the first issue of[...]