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Disney will remake Hercules as a live action film.

Hercules Live Action Remake Coming From Disney And The Russo Brothers

The original animated Hercules featured the voice talents of Tate Donovan, Danny DeVito, James Woods, Susan Egan, and Rip Torn Way too early for casting on this one, though The Hollywood Reporter had the news.[caption id="attachment_1201003" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Disney will remake Hercules as a live-action film Credit Disney[/caption] Hercules Casting Has Some Favorites Already The animated film[...]

'Supergirl': Our Top 10 List of "Lexiest" Lex Luthors of All Time (TV/Film)

Let's not forget the likes of Powers Boothe, James Marsters, Chris Noth, Anthony LaPaglia, Jason Isaacs, James Woods, and Rainn Wilson also have tried their hand at voicing Luthor.The combined talents of all of these, plus just the sheer volume and excellence of Lex Luthor work in DC's animated works, are what makes the modern[...]

'The Walking Dead': James Woods' Man Tears Feed Abraham/Negan Team-Up

Said fanbase/following convinces said person/persons that because they excel at their given field, that means everything they have to say on every topic - no matter how far out of their wheelhouse or above their mental paygrade it might be - is holy scripture and above reproach.EX: "Yeah, I know he draws a great Green[...]

James Woods

Actor James Woods Announces Retirement In A Real Estate Listing

James Woods was in the news last month after a Twitter skirmish with Armie Hammer and Amber Tamblyn Tambyn accused the 70-year old actor of hitting on her when she was only 16 Woods has called the allegation a lie Not one to shy away form the media, it seems odd that the actor is[...]

James Woods In Legal Twitter Feud

Actor James Woods is rather outspoken about his politics, using his Twitter account as a platform to voice his opinions and occasionally berate other Twitter users who disagree with him In one case, he wrote to a user, "I wouldn't want you to spend your precious crack allowance being enlightened."But when someone posting to Twitter[...]