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Inside Anatomy Of A Murder – The Penultimate Chapter Of Riverdale Season One
Jones has been arrested for the murder of Jason Blossom and the citizens of Riverdale have breathed a collective sigh of relief — except Archie, Jughead, Betty, and Veronica know that the gun was planted in the trailer Supervising producer Michael Grassi, who penned the episode, talks about how the parents react when the kids approach[...]
Riverdale Episode 11: Using The Same Title As The Made For TV Movie
Return To Riverdale was also the alternate title for the made for TV movie/pilot for a show that never came to be that aired in the 90s. Anyway, according to TV Guide this week's episode is as follows: "Despite Betty being overwhelmed with overseeing Homecoming and Reunion weekend, Alice wants her to help with the Jason Blossom[...]
Trevor Stines On Cosplay, Comics, And Being A Totally Awesome Geek
And while his character, Jason Blossom, has no speaking parts (spoiler: that's because he's dead), Trevor is in the unique position of playing arguably one of the most important characters on the show This was also my first time hearing his voice, so I can now check off "Knowing what the hell Jason Blossom sounds[...]
To Seduce A Red Head: Archie 17
Mark Waid knows how to write proverbial gold. His take on the Archie universe has been exceptional. In this issue we continue with Cheryl trying to take
Who's Who In Riverdale?
As you probably know, The CW's Riverdale premiered, bringing Archie and the gang to life like we've never seen before. If you're new to the world of
New Riverdale Trailer Focuses On The Death Of Jason Blossom
The first episode opens with a murder of one of the students of the local high school named Jason Blossom and the new trailer for the series looks a little more at that than the Archie / Betty / Veronica love triangle that the other trailer focused on. This is the first time we've gotten the[...]